Literary Law

Literary LawWhether you need assistance negotiating a literary agent’s agreement, a publishing agreement, have been presented with another type of publishing industry contract, or are considering collaborating with another writer, you want to make sure you have the best possible legal advice available.

Art Law

Art LawThere are numerous legal issues that affect visual artists, including copyright, fair-use, work-made-for-hire agreements (when working with partners and collaborators), moral rights and licensing, etc.


CopyrightWe can help you determine if the work you have created is eligible for copyright protection; and we can help you defend your copyrights if necessary.


CorporationsMany professionals, including writers, visual artists, performing artists, and others should consider forming a corporation. There are numerous reasons for doing so including tax benefits, a corporation to hold your copyrights, and trademarks, and to protect your personal assets.

Entertainment Law

Entertainment LawFrom setting-up a formal business entity, drafting or reviewing contracts, to protecting your intellectual property, an attorney can be an effective business partner.

Intellectual Property Law

We provide a broad range of services to ensure your intellectual property is protected including registration and management of copyrights and trademarks, licensing of intellectual property, rights of privacy and publicity, and management of trade secrets for arts and technology.


When you develop a single, distinctive mark that represents your brand as an artist, you should protect it through the use of a federally registered trademark.

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