Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Law
We provide a broad range of services to ensure your intellectual property is protected including registration and management of copyrights and trademarks, licensing of intellectual property, rights of privacy and publicity, and management of trade secrets for arts and technology.

Too often, people take advantage of creative artists by exploiting their misunderstandings about legal rights because of their eagerness to get creative works to market. Creative artists often discover their work is being used without compensation; whether it is part of a commercial production, online, or in print. When these situations arise, you may wish to work with an attorney to assist in issuing a cease and desist letter — or to take other action. Protecting your intellectual property rights is an important step for professional creative artists; you are entitled to compensation for your work and our job is to help you protect your financial interests and artistic integrity.

In today’s digital world, people often feel that because they see something online, it is free to use. You spent time, energy, and effort creating your work with the expectation it would not be taken from you without permission. When someone uses your intellectual property without obtaining permission, you have legal options. We can help explain those options and assist you in taking action.

Contact the Law Office of Robert G. Pimm if you have any questions about protecting your intellectual property.

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