When you develop a single, distinctive mark that represents your brand as an artist, you should protect it through the use of a federally registered trademark. The reason behind this is simple; it prevents others from using your trademark to promote their products and services which could inadvertently harm your brand.

Names and characters you develop for a movie, or cartoon, and series titles which are in use, and are broadly recognized may be eligible for trademark protection. We are here to help you understand your rights to certain marks that are part of your identity, and can be used by the public to identify the source of your works, brand, or persona.

We can assist you in searching for similar marks, filing the appropriate paperwork to protect your trademark, and if necessary assist you in challenging those who are violating your trademark. It may be appropriate to send cease and desist letters to those infringing your trademarks. Also, there may be opportunities to generate income from licensing rights to your trademarks.

Contact the Law Office of Robert G. Pimm if you have any questions about a trademark registration, or if your current trademarks are being violated.

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